What is AI Copywriting? How it Works Plus Software and Use Cases

Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy that convinces people to buy things.

It’s an essential skill for anyone who wants to build a business or brand, whether through content marketing, affiliate marketing, or anything else.

Traditionally, copywriting has been a human-only task, but with the advent of AI tools, that is starting to change. Many companies are now using AI writing tools as part of their digital marketing strategy – with impressive results!

This article will explore how AI Copywriting works, what makes it different from traditional methods, and provide some examples so you can see the difference for yourself.


What is AI Copywriting?

First, let’s break it down into copywriting and AI separately to better understand AI copywriting.


Copywriting is the craft of writing compelling and persuasive content for promotional purposes. Think of copy as the written or spoken message used to sell a product, service, or persuade people to take a specific action.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science that gives machines the ability to perform in ways like humans. AI can be used for automation, self-learning, and decision-making.

AI Copywriting

Therefore, AI copywriting uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help automate the copywriting process of creating high-quality persuasive content.

Benefits of AI Copywriting Software

Save money

Copywriting software is an excellent investment for businesses because it can save you money in the long run. You can create high-quality content without hiring an expensive copywriter by using the software.

Write content copy with speed

It can do in minutes what will take a human copywriter hours to complete, significantly speeding up your content creation. This tool saves time and money, both valuable commodities for busy content creators.

Generate Ideas and help with brainstorming

Copywriting software can help you come up with new topics, ideas, and angles for your content.

Overcome writers block with ease

When you’re struggling to put together a decent sentence, an AI copywriting tool can be a great help. It will provide you with AI templates and examples so that you never have to start at a blank page again.

AI copywriting tools can also help you write introductions, whole paragraphs, and even sentences. This is especially helpful if you are struggling with writer’s block.

No experience is needed. You don’t need to be a content writer to get results

You don’t need any copywriting training or experience to use it.

Create high-quality content

The AI is trained on thousands of examples of high-performing copy.

It also becomes more sophisticated and efficient over time due to machine learning. Using this data, AI copywriting tools can produce high-quality content.

Disadvantages of using an AI copywriting app

  • Skilled human copywriters know how to create a relationship with the customer and lead them down the sales path. AI tools lack this nuance.
  • Text generated by these AI tools can sometimes be irrelevant to your topic or even nonsensical. They also need to be fact-checked for accuracy. So it’s important to always check the output before you publish it.
  • Most AI copywriting tools add a lot of fluff content that can be easily avoided by a human copywriter.

How do AI copywriting tools work?

These tools use AI to analyze data and create high-quality output based on that analysis.

Although AI copywriters still require some human input, these tools can produce excellent results with minimal effort.

For example:
They let you go from this:

example of input for AI using the PAS copywriting formula

To this:

example of AI output from the human input based on the PAS copywriting formula

With just one click.


Here’s how they work


Copywriting tools powered by AI work by analyzing data to understand the patterns and trends in language. It can then start producing copy similar in style and tone to what it has been trained on.

Most AI copywriting tools are built using OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3). Here’s a very brief description of what GPT-3 is to better understand how it works.

GPT-3 is a deep learning language prediction model. It’s been trained on hundreds of billions of words in multiple languages to better understand natural language. It’s also autoregressive, meaning it can learn from data and improve its performance over time. Making it an extremely valuable tool for language modeling and natural language processing tasks, such as:

This enables it to quickly produce output text based on its input.

Developers train and deploy AI models using GPT-3. This allows them to create AI copywriting tools able to create high-quality, human-like content by reading and understanding large amounts of data. This content is far more advanced than content spinners, which simply replace words with synonyms.

These tools mainly differ in how the developers have trained the AI. This is why the best AI writing tools are so much better than the worst.

With all that complicated tech going on in the background, you as the user simply:

  1. select a template
  2. give the AI some details or context
  3. let the AI create your content
  4. edit the AI-generated output as needed
  5. publish

AI copywriting use cases and examples

There are many different ways AI can be used in copywriting, including:

Quick Content Writing

With AI copywriting, you don’t have to worry about writer’s block or spending hours writing yourself. You simply give the AI a bit of context to guide it in the direction you want it to go and let it generate content for you.

This is perfect for generating paragraphs, expanding on topics, or finishing a sentence.

Example of using AI to generate content quickly with an open-ended sentence
Result of AI generating content from an open-ended sentence

Creating High-Converting Marketing and Ad copy (Advertising Copywriting)

Businesses are taking advantage of AI copywriting templates that have been trained on thousands of successful ad copy examples. This allows them to quickly create ad copy for Google, Facebook, and other advertising mediums with minimal input.

example of AI generating marketing copy for Facebook
Example of AI generating Google ad copy

Writing Copy for SEO (SEO Copywriting)

AI copywriters, with an SEO focus, create high-quality content that satisfies search intent and search engine algorithms. They analyze top ranking pages for a specific keyword and the Google NLP API to ensure that your content is topically relevant. This leads to higher rankings and more organic traffic.

Example of building SEO content using AI
Example of using AI to optimize written content

AI Writing eCommerce Product Descriptions

Manually writing product descriptions can be very time-consuming and tedious- especially if you have a lot of products. With AI copywriting, you can instantly create a compelling product description, which leaves more time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Example of creating product descriptions for ecommerce with the help of artificial intelligence tools

An AI Writer for Crafting Perfect Emails

Several digital copywriting tools can help you create emails quickly and easily. Whether you’re reaching out to potential customers for the first time or building an autoresponder series, these tools can take the hassle out of email writing.

Provide the tool with the main points you want your email to convey. The app will then create a ready-to-send email for you. This is an excellent way to save time and ensure that your email content is high quality.

Example of providing key points for the AI when generating an email
Result of an AI generated email

Generate Content for Sales Videos and Webinar Scripts

Copywriting is a skill that takes years to perfect.

Unless you have the experience or the time to learn, your only option is to hire a skilled copywriter. This can be expensive, and if you are looking to create a sales script for a video or webinar, it can be a daunting task. However, with the help of an AI copywriting tool, you can create a high-quality script quickly and easily without any hassle.

Some AI copywriting software can help you create a high-converting video or webinar script in just minutes. The software takes data from thousands of successful sales scripts and uses it to generate a complete, human-quality draft for your marketing content.

Example of an AI generated webinar script created by an AI copywriting software

Rewriting content

Copywriting is hard.

It’s even harder when you’re not creative. I know how challenging it can be to write creative and engaging content. That’s where a copywriting AI comes in handy. Just paste your uninteresting copy, and the AI will instantly rewrite it. You’ll now have more engaging, interesting content that will attract more readers.

instructing an AI app to rewrite a piece of content
Content rewritten by AI

AI Writing Software for Creating Blog Ideas, Headlines, and Outlines

AI copywriters are a great way to get inspired for your next blog post.

Simply enter the topic you’re interested in. The AI will come up with an exciting idea for you to write about, complete with an outline that you can follow. This is a great way to make sure you always have something new and exciting to share with your readers.

Example of input used to instruct an AI writing tools to create a blog idea and outline
An AI generated blog headline and outline

7 Recommended AI copywriting tools


The homepage screenshot of Outranking

Outranking.io is an AI writing and SEO copywriting service that automates the process of:

  • content writing
  • optimization
  • research

To increase search engine rankings on any website, regardless of size or niche. In addition to this automation, they offer a full suite of tools for advanced SEO techniques such as SERP content analysis and summarization.

This allows you to write factual articles with any keyword phrase.

It also has a keyword research tool built right into your workflow. The AI-guided optimization assists you with creating optimized titles, meta descriptions, outlines, headings, and related keywords.

With Outranking’s SERP analysis and SEO Content Optimization, you can find out exactly how to get your website ranked higher than ever before. And you don’t even need any prior knowledge in SEO!

Outranking.io is a fantastic tool for SEO content creation due to its ease of use, efficiency in finding relevant information from SERP data, quality of the AI writing (factual and relevant), and responsiveness of their team. In addition to all these benefits, I feel like it’s worth the money–especially considering how affordable this software is for an individual or small business owner.

I would recommend this AI copywriting app without hesitation as it has been instrumental in helping me quickly create content that ranks!

Outranking is my best AI copywriting tool for blog content.


The homepage screenshot of CrawlQ

CrawlQ is an AI-powered copywriting and audience research tool that provides you with the insights you need to create content that resonates with your customers. By combining customer insights with proven marketing frameworks, CrawlQ ensures that all of your content is 100% unique and conversion-oriented.

CrawlQ helps you understand your niche audience. It gathers unique insights about your customers based on their desires, roadblocks, and suspicions. Additionally, it builds semantic and psychographic knowledge about your target market so that you can better serve them.

After automatically researching your ideal target audience segment, CrawlQ helps you produce highly personalized:

  • blog posts
  • video sales letters
  • sales pages
  • emails

social media posts

That speaks directly to your target market.

It’s the ultimate tool for content creation. It helps you craft customer personas, allows you to find actionable insights for your marketing strategy, and gives you a one-stop shop to produce all your marketing copy.

CrawlQ is an AI platform that will help you create copy and research with your own voice.

It’s more powerful than other tools on the market, meaning it can do a lot more automation while still delivering a unique perspective. This tool helps increase productivity by giving users the ability to convert their visitors into customers at an increased rate- which means less work for them in return. CrawlQ also has excellent customer service.

CrawlQ is my best AI copywriting software for pure sales copy.


Screenshot of Writesonic's homepage

Writesonic is a content writing tool that uses AI to generate personalized copy variants for you. It’s an automatic copywriting tool that helps marketing teams save time and effort while producing high-quality content.

It’s an AI writing tool that can help you quickly draft ad campaigns, website content, emails, and more. Writing product descriptions is another service Writesonic offers to eCommerce brands in addition to writing articles, blog posts, landing pages, and Google ads. The AI-written descriptions are more accurate and engaging than those written by humans, increasing your sales and conversions.

I am impressed with the quality of Writesonic, especially for its low price point.

I’ve mainly been using it to produce high-quality ad creatives since I use Outranking and CrawlQ for almost all of my content creation. This software is easy to use and user-friendly; it has a simple interface while still offering many features useful in copywriting, such as AIDA, PAS, and all the popular writing templates.

Writesonic is a tool that can help anyone write content quickly and easily. It’s affordable and worth the investment because of its ease of use and generated content quality.



The homepage screenshot of ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a copywriting tool that uses AI to create sales-focused copy. It specializes in creating persuasive and compelling content that can help businesses convert leads into customers.

It has a library of over 300 marketing frameworks, and its AI understands 127 languages. This makes it a versatile tool for businesses around the world looking to create localized content quickly and easily.

Its Longform feature writes without any filters or restrictions to help you produce high-quality, long-form content in less time. Start with an open-ended sentence and let the AI content generator handle the rest.

Closercopy creates quality content, and the AI can even be trained to use your own custom copywriting formula. If you’re ever stuck, there are always people to help out in the active Facebook group.

You can buy a lifetime license instead of paying month-to-month, which saves a lot of money in the long run!

It’s easy to use and constantly updated with new features, so I highly recommend trying it out if you’re looking for an AI copywriter!



The homepage screenshot of Peppertype

Peppertype is a content creation tool that uses AI to generate engaging content instantly. The AI helps you automate your content creation process by providing templates and models for different types of content. It’s perfect for creating website copy, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

Plus, it’s easy to use – just enter your topic and a brief description, and Peppertype will take care of the rest!

With over 35 different types of copywriting formulas to choose from, you’ll be able to find something for any occasion. In addition to producing better content in seconds,

Peppertype can also help you generate interesting blog post ideas quickly and easily.

My experience using Peppertype has been a very positive one. In my opinion, some of the pros of this tool include how easy it is to use and how well designed its UI & UX are- which allows for clean content generation at scale.

The tool’s pricing is low, making it accessible for everyone regardless of their budget. I am very satisfied with how Peppertype has helped me write blog content. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a more affordable option.



Screenshot of Writecream's homepage

Writecream is an AI copywriting tool that helps you create personalized emails and other outbound marketing campaigns. It focuses on creating content that is tailored to the individual recipient. This can result in higher open rates and conversions for your campaigns.

It helps with a variety of content writing tasks, especially email campaigns. It gathers data from websites, and LinkedIn profiles then uses that information to generate personalized, customized introductions and content for your cold outreach and marketing campaigns.

Writecream has various features, including editing tools, great output options, templates to choose from, and many more. It’s worth every penny spent on buying this program!

The customer service team helps you with any issues or questions at any time, so the learning curve isn’t too steep when using this software to write high-quality content quickly.

Writing emails with Writecream will save you time and increase your response rate by making cold email openers personalized.



Screenshot of Rytr's homepage

Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you generate killer AI copy quickly and easily. It’s an all-in-one platform that provides various features to make your writing process smoother and more efficient.

Rytr is a tool that uses AI to generate high-quality content for blogs, emails, and ad copies. The AI analyzes data from the web and creates content that is both relevant and engaging. This can help businesses save time and money while still delivering quality content to their audiences.

You can use Rytr to write in your own language or another language for your clients. Additionally, you have the option to choose from 30+ tones of voice to create a piece of content tailored to your audience.

Rytr is one of the more popular AI copywriters that can generate professional copy for you in seconds. The app’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy to use regardless of your level of experience with writing.

The output is high quality and easy to read, which means you will not have any trouble composing your next piece.


Will AI Replace Copywriters?

AI software will never fully replace a human writer, as they write content that is both well-researched and carefully crafted. While artificial intelligence is capable of intelligent writing, it cannot achieve the nuanced approach of skilled copywriters.

What is Freelance Copywriting?

Freelance copywriting is a form of writing when the writer receives an order for work and then creates content to be published by another entity. Freelance copywriters typically offer their copywriting services via websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Final thoughts

I hope this blog post helped explain what AI copywriting is and how it works. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your copywriting, I suggest trying out a copywriting AI tool. For well-researched sales copy, I recommend CrawlQ. However, if you’re doing SEO content work, Outranking is the best copywriting tool overall.

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