AI Writing Blogs: How Best to Use AI to Write Blog Posts

How do you write a blog post with AI?

I decided to test various Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing applications that claim to allow anyone, regardless of experience, to easily create blog posts.

I’ve experimented with various AI writing tools on my websites with varying degrees of success.

So I wanted to narrow it down to the most effective tools and share some information on the best software for AI writing on a blog.

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What is AI writing, and what are its benefits?


AI writing is the process of using machine learning and natural language processing technologies to create text outputs.

There are various benefits to using AI writing, including the ability to create content that is more personalized and engaging.

AI blogging tools are becoming increasingly popular as people realize their benefits.

These tools can help users come up with topic ideas, create content briefs, social media content, ad copy, headlines, blog content, and almost any other use cases for content creation.

They can also help with writer’s block by giving users ideas of what to write about.

Benefits of using an AI writing tool

There are many benefits to using an AI writing tool.

Automation, efficiency, and cost reductions are among the top reasons businesses consider using AI-generated content.

With the help of AI, you can automate your content creation process, which leads to increased efficiency and faster turnaround times. Additionally, you can significantly reduce your costs by automating the content creation process.

Cost Reduction

With an AI writing tool, businesses can save money on hiring human writers and editors.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common problem, but it can be solved with the help of AI writing tools. These tools can help you develop ideas, structure your thoughts, and improve your writing style.

Quality Content

The top AI writing tools can generate targeted, relevant, and high-quality content. The generated content can help businesses increase website traffic, improve SEO rankings, and boost brand awareness.

Fast Turnaround Time

An AI writing tool can be extremely useful for creating high-quality content in a very short period. The AI tool will analyze the topic and generate relevant content based on the findings. This is an excellent option if you need to produce a lot of content on a tight deadline.

Easy to Use

Indeed, AI writer tools are easy to use and save you time and energy.


In addition to the benefits listed above, AI writing tools can also be used to write content in multiple languages. This is a huge advantage for businesses that want to expand their reach into new markets.


An AI writer can be a great help to you when it comes to writing SEO-optimized articles.

You have to make sure that your articles are written so that Google can easily understand them and rank them well for a target keyword. The AI writer will take care of all the necessary things like keyword density, LSI keywords, etc.

Are AI writing tools free?

No, the best AI writing tools are not free. However, some of them offer free trials, so you can test out their capabilities before moving to a paid plan.

Requirements for blog post writing with AI

There are several requirements that AI writing software needs to meet to be effective for blogging.

First and foremost, the AI should be able to produce high-quality blog posts that are both engaging and useful for readers. Additionally, it also needs to be able to create content that will help pull in organic search engine traffic.

If you’re looking for an AI writer for your blog, make sure it excels in these two key areas. Otherwise, you may not be getting the most out of your investment.

Here is a breakdown of different tasks a writing tool should be proficient at to achieve this:


When it comes to blog writing, there is no room for plagiarism. To maintain the authenticity and quality of your content, you need a tool that can produce original content without lifting someone else’s work.

Writing Quality Blog Posts

When using AI for blog writing, the tool must produce high-quality content.

If not, you will spend more time rewriting the content than if you had done it all yourself without the AI tool. Test the AI tool with a small batch of your own content before relying on it for your entire blog to ensure quality.


AI writing software should help with generating your Title and Meta descriptions. When it comes to content, the AI should be able to produce perfect content for search rankings. Improving readability and SEO performance.

Ease of Use

The interface must be simple and easy to use when using AI for blog writing. The software should include easy-to-follow tutorials that walk you through how to produce the best content with it. This will help ensure you’re able to crank out content efficiently.

Factual Accuracy

Factually accurate content is essential. This means that the AI software should be able to source information from various reliable sources and present it credibly.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for blogging.

You want to make sure you are targeting the right keywords so that your post will be found by people searching for information on those topics. AI can help with this process by providing you with ideas for potential blog topics based on your chosen keywords.

Optimal Outline Capabilities

When writing a blog post, it’s crucial to have a plan.

That’s where outlining capabilities comes in. They help you organize your ideas and plan the order of what will be said in the article.

This is especially important when it comes to using AI for blog writing. You want to make sure that your content is relevant to readers and optimal for search engines. Outlining capabilities can help by providing helpful outlines tailored specifically for your topic.

The Blog Test: Using My Favorite AI Tool

There are many AI tools on the market these days, and they all promise different things. So I decided to show you how I quickly and easily write accurate, optimized blog posts with minimal effort required.

There is one AI tool I use for all my blogging.

It meets all the requirements I listed in the previous section, and it works exceptionally well. It lets me consistently create entire blog posts that are factually accurate. Far better than all the other tools I’ve tried.

Let’s put Outranking to the test.

Keyword Research Test

Keyword research is the process of finding and selecting keywords that are relevant to your business and its products or services. This is essential for any SEO strategy because it helps you determine which topics to focus on, what keywords to target, and how to create content that will rank well in search engines.

Researching a keyword for a blog post with Outranking

Outranking comes with a built-in keyword research tool.

When choosing your next blog topic, you can use it for quick keyword research. It shows you each keyword’s search volume, CPC, and a ranking difficulty score to better indicate what it will take to rank.

It’s not the most comprehensive keyword tool, but it gets the job done. It also integrates with SEMRush for those who want more advanced options.


Meta Test

Meta titles and descriptions impact how your site appears in the SERPs. They also have a massive impact on your SEO and rankings.

Using AI to create a meta title
Using AI to generate a meta description

Outranking’s AI generates multiple meta titles and descriptions based on your keyword.

It also analyzes the top 20 SERP results to find the most commonly used words in your competitors’ meta info.

You can also specify additional words for the AI to include when generating results. The quality of the variations is excellent. And if you aren’t happy, you can edit them until you’re satisfied or have the AI produce more variations.


Outlining Test

When writing a blog post, you need to outline the ideas you want to convey to effectively communicate the content of your article.

Outlining also helps SEO, ensuring that keywords and phrases are included to maximize your article’s visibility.

Outranking has an in-depth outlining system.

Outranking's advanced outline builder is perfect for creating accurate blog post outlines

1 – You can click on ‘H2 Ideas’ to have the AI automatically generate a detailed outline for your blog post. The AI generates the outline based on the analysis of the ranking competitors in the SERP. It also looks for unique angles to include.

2 – The outline builder lists the top 20 competitors in the search results with a breakdown of their H2s and H3s. You can add any that you like to your outline with one click. You can also view the content under each of their headings.

3 – There’s a separate tab for the popular questions people ask in Google related to your keyword. You can include these in your outline to help you rank for the featured snippets.

Using the outline builder to create H3 headings

You can also have the AI generate H3 Ideas.

The outline builder in Outranking also provides you with detailed keyword and NLP data to assist you in creating optimized headings

If you click on the keywords tab, you’ll see a list of related keyword phrases and Google NLP topics you should be including in your H2s and H3s for optimal on-page SEO.


Factual Content Research Test

It’s crucial to ensure factual content research because you’ll lose credibility if you state claims that can be easily disproved.

choosing the right data sources for your post research

Outranking lets you view your top competitors’ content within the dashboard.

In addition to showing you their SEO metrics, you can also:

1 – Exclude any of the results for the AI to ignore when analyzing the topic.

2 – Add any additional URLs you wish to include for research

3 – Conveniently view the entire blog post content of every result.

Manually researching sucks. It takes forever, and it’s boring. Thankfully, Outranking’s AI will do all the research for you.

Outranking's AI takes care of all your blogging research

Outranking researches every H2 and H3.

1 – It summarizes the research into key points

2 – you can paste specific content for the AI to research and summarize.

3 – You can instruct the AI to extract additional key points such as features, benefits, and disadvantages

4 – You can add your own key points


Quality and Accuracy Test

The quality and accuracy of AI writer outputs are crucial because when your readers read the content, it’s vital that they feel like what they’re reading is high-quality.

Once you’re happy with the key points in each section, the AI will generate a first draft.

An example of an AI generated blog post

(Adding a screenshot of the entire article isn’t necessary, so I’ve inserted one of the sections for you to read).

As you can see in the above image, Outranking produced an 1830-word article. The length is determined by the size and depth of your outline and key points.
You can also see that its high-quality content that requires minimal editing.

Blog editing tools with AI options

You can edit the post just as you would with any document editor. Additionally, you can use AI tools to further build your content.
One such tool is Methods.

Some of the available AI writing templates for various use cases

Methods provide you with AI writing templates specifically for blogs.

These templates are more refined than templates from other AI writers, giving you much higher-quality outputs that are closely related to your blog topic and angle.

Here is an example of a blog intro using a template. All that’s required is for you to enter the title of your post and the tone:

Example of AI writing template outputs in Outranking

SEO Test

An AI writing tool that can generate SEO-optimized content can significantly impact your blog’s traffic.

Outranking's guided SEO optimization tools makes it easy to rank your blog for more visibility

Outranking helps you optimize your content to rank higher in the SERP.

It breaks down all the major on-page ranking factors. It also provides step-by-step advice to ensure your content is optimized as well as possible for your target keyword.


Ease of Use

Outranking is extremely easy to use.

It walks you through the entire process of creating an optimized blog post step-by-step. Even if you’re clueless when it comes to SEO, the guided instructions are easy enough to follow to ensure your content can outrank your competitors.

There are also tutorial videos for every feature. And a YouTube channel with helpful videos and webinar replays where the Outranking team answers questions and shows you how to get the most benefit from the tool.

My 5 Best AI for writing blogs

Outranking is obviously my recommended choice.

However, I wanted to list a few more options you may want to consider. Aside from Writesonic, the other tools all come with built-in SEO features and can all be used to create blog posts. I’ve integrated all these tools into my workflow to complement Outranking in specific areas.

For example, I use:

  • Writerzen for in-depth keyword research and content clustering.
  • CrawlQ for market research and creating customer avatars
  • Writesonic for ad copy and rephrasing content
  • ClosersCopy for long-form sales copy and unlimited AI writing

1. – Best overall for blog post content quality and optimization


The homepage screenshot of Outranking

Outranking review

At the moment, Outranking is the best AI tool for writing blogs. No other software comes close.

3 factors set it apart from all the other tools:

1 – Research

Outranking’s ability to go out and research the content topic for you is unmatched. This was the reason I initially bought the tool. It will save you countless hours of tedious content research.

2 – Quality of writing and accuracy

Most AI tools use GPT-3.

So they’re trained on a massive dataset and “know” a lot of factual information.

The problem is that AI usually sacrifices factual accuracy for creativity. So going off on a tangent, plagiarism, and made-up facts are common occurrences.

With Outranking, however, the writing is high-quality and extremely accurate to the research. The writing is on-point and concise, with minimal fluff. You can also combine up to four key points to instruct the AI to write about. This ensures your content is as close as possible to your exact requirements.

3 – Speed

It’s entirely possible to create 1000 – 5000+ word blog posts in under 10 minutes in Outranking.

Spend some time ensuring your outline is good and key points are accurate, and you’ll get a 90% complete, well-written blog post with just a few clicks. Most of the newer posts on this website were written with Outranking.

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Here are some of my other recommended options.

2. CrawlQ – Content marketing research & writing


The homepage screenshot of CrawlQ

CrawlQ is a predictive Audience Modeling tool that combines humanized AI with the proven marketing frameworks of auditing, measuring, and optimizing.

It can predict who will engage with your content to maximize your reach, engagement, and ROI.

CrawlQ generates content for niche markets incredibly quickly, saving hundreds of hours in research time. The software is meant to automate the market research writing process, saving time for companies with limited marketing budgets or team members.

Surveys and interviews can be expensive and time-consuming, but CrawlQ’s AI can do the same job in a fraction of the time and for a lower cost. This makes it the best option for identifying a customer avatar’s desires, fears, failures, suspicions, and roadblocks to create the perfect content for them.

CrawlQ is one of the best AI-based content writing tools because it can generate insights about your target audience and niche. While it takes some time to get used to its features and unique interface, CrawlQ can help you understand your customers’ needs and wants. This is an essential factor in creating compelling content for them.

CrawlQ’s market research considers all the relevant variables when creating content- not just the headline or sentence. It can create entire video scripts, emails, blog content, and sales letters. Additionally, CrawlQ’s automation capabilities will save you time and energy so that you can focus on your business goals.

3. WriterZen – Finding the best keywords and topic clusters

A screenshot of WriterZen's homepage

WriterZen is a tool that helps you focus, concentrate, and write with more productivity.

It has a great workflow driven by its own proprietary algorithm because it’s designed specifically for blog writing. There are also plenty of features to keep things running smoothly and efficiently while writing your blog or article.

The AI is explicitly designed to help writers write blogs.

With WriterZen, you can establish domain expertise and drive organic footfalls on your website. You can also use the Golden Filter, a proprietary technology, to identify topics that connect with your audience and curate content ideas for you.

In addition, WriterZen provides high-quality metrics for your content with Google’s database so you can track how well your articles are performing online.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also use the Keyword Cluster feature to group keywords based on ranking attributes and identify those that are converting traffic into sales. The Revenue Forecast tool will even help predict the profitability when targeting users with specific search queries!

Finally, Content Creator is an automated text editor which helps piece content together – it even includes SEO tools!

So, whether you’re stuck for new topic ideas or simply need advice on optimizing your content for higher search engine rankings, WriterZen is here to help.

5. Writesonic


Screenshot of Writesonic's homepage

Writesonic is a tool that uses AI to write blog posts, website marketing copy, professional emails, email summaries, and more.

The AI Writer works with various topics and generates unique content every time it produces a blog post or other piece of work. You can use the content rephrasing module and sentence expander to edit the text if you need to make any changes.

4. ClosersCopy – Longform website content and marketing copy

The homepage screenshot of ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy review

Copywriting is a challenging task. Writing informative and persuasive content takes time, effort, and creativity. That’s where ClosersCopy comes in.

ClosersCopy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create blog posts quickly and easily.

The SEO tools compare your blog against the SERP and provide feedback on how to improve your ranking. It’s a decent option for bloggers who want to get the most from their SEO efforts.

ClosersCopy can help you write longer and more detailed blog posts and sales copy, depending on your reader’s preferences and content needs.

Best practices for using and training an AI for content blog writing?

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when using AI for content writing. First and foremost, remember that AI should be used as an assistant, not a replacement for human writers. You’ll still need to take the time to guide and direct the AI to get the best results.

In addition, it’s essential to make sure that your data is of high quality if you want your AI article writer to produce good content. Poor-quality data will result in poor output, so only use trusted sources when training your system.

Finally, don’t forget that cultural context is vital for AI writing. Make sure you account for regional differences and preferences when configuring your system. You can create an AI writer that produces perfectly localized content for any audience with careful tuning!

What is the future of AI writing?

There is no doubt that AI writing is becoming a popular tool for bloggers. However, the future of AI writing is uncertain. Some people believe that AI will eventually replace human writers, while others think the two can coexist peacefully.

However, what is certain is that AI writing has come a long way in the past few years. Many tools and platforms are available to help you get started with this type of content marketing. And as more and more people adopt it, the technology will continue to improve.

So what do you think? Will AI eventually replace human writers? Or will they both exist side-by-side? Let us know in the comments below!

Use AI to write blog posts – it’s the future! is one of the best AI writing tools on the market, and it can help you easily create in-depth blog posts that rank.

By using Outranking, you can bypass many tedious tasks associated with content creation. Instead, Outranking will take care of everything for you so you can focus on creating high-quality content that your target audience will love.

If you’re ready to give AI a try and see how it can benefit your blog, try it out below!

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