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If you’re looking to master the world’s most popular video sharing platform, it’s important that you understand what successful YouTubers are doing. Not the YouTube celebrities, we’re talking about looking at the current tips, tools and strategies that ordinary people just like you are using to successfully generate a full-time YouTube income.

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Ever wondered “How much does YouTubers make?“, you have? Great. Check out our YouTube Monetization section if you want to know how much does YouTube pay per view, as well as some of the other ways YouTubers are using to get paid.

Make sure you check out the YouTube tools section if you want to see the best tools used by successful YouTubers to gain a massive advantage over everybody else and make sure their videos generate thousands of views.



YouTube Monetization
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How Do Small YouTubers Make Their Money in 2017?

How You Can Make Money as a Small YouTuber (the options) YouTube has been one of the greatest inventions of the last hundred years or so. This might be a heavily debated statement but when you consider the learning and earning opportunities it has opened to people all over the world, it is hard to deny. Where do you go when you need to learn to tie a tie? YouTube. Which platform has been the driving force behind so many young, overnight millionaires? YouTube. With that being said, how do YouTubers make money so that they can continue to provide us ...
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How Much Do YouTubers Make Per 1000 Views?

How Much Money do YouTubers Get Paid Per 1000 Views? YouTube is often heralded as one of the best inventions in the recent years. People have used it as a platform for learning, entertainment and most importantly, for EARNING! It's also been a launchpad for many celebrities and people who are interested in the media industry. And so with this crazy popularity of YouTube you're probably wondering how much money YouTubers make. Well, there a variety of ways to earn on YouTube. But in this post we will specifically be looking at how much YouTubers make per 1000 views using the ...
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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make 2017?

How Much Money do YouTuber's Get Paid? So how much does a YouTuber really make? There’s no easy way to give you an exact answer since there are a variety of ways that people are making a living on YouTube. Here’s the thing, YouTube has changed A LOT recently so the most popular way of getting paid per view through AdSense and other similar platforms is not really viable for most people anymore especially if you are just getting started. Since they now want to only allow people with over 10 000 views to participate. So, I’ll be discussing the ...
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