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Best WordPress Themes for Beginners

  Welcome to the WordPress Themes Section.   This section is aimed at providing you with the best information on the different WordPress themes. Not just any themes. We want to showcase themes that are popular, well supported and easy to use. If you’re a more advanced WordPress developer, you may wish to look at other websites for opinions on the various themes. This section is more geared towards the best WordPress themes for beginners.  

Theme Lists

  Our theme lists are articles featuring all the top themes for specific types of websites and industries. If for example, you’re looking to build a website for a local bakery, you’ll be able to read our article featuring all the best WordPress themes for bakeries. If you’re looking to build a small niche affiliate website, you’ll be able to get ideas and view the different themes that we believe are best for small niche sites. And so on… If you can’t find an article listing the themes for your industry, feel free to send us a message requesting one, and we’ll be sure to get it up as soon as possible. However, if you do find a list article showcasing the top themes for your needs, make sure you check out our individual theme reviews so that you can get a better understanding of the theme you’re interested in to see if it will meet your requirements.  

Theme Reviews

  We hope to provide you with regular in-depth reviews on the most popular WordPress themes. Themes like Divi, Avada and X are all great themes for beginners, as they allow you to build the website of your dreams with drag and drop ease, and few limitations.  

Theme Comparisons

  If you’ve read our theme reviews and still can’t decide which theme would be best for you to get started with, you can check out our theme comparisons. Here we like to take the top WordPress themes and do a head to head comparison to help you get a better idea of how the themes differ, and which one would best fit your requirements. As an example, you can see our Divi vs Avada head to head article.

What is the difference between divi and divi builder
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