AI Content Writing: A Brief Overview

Years ago, when AI became more commercially viable, some great ideas changed how we interact with technology, especially in marketing.

One of these ideas was to use AI to assist us with content creation. The idea is that if we can train an algorithm to understand our data, it will create better content than a human writer could.

It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it?

The idea of a machine being able to generate well-written content sounds pretty awesome.
The good news is that it is more than just an idea.

In fact, AI content generation is currently one of the most popular fields in the digital marketing world and has been evolving for quite some time now.

Since its inception, AI writing and content marketing have been growing in popularity and demand. But it isn’t just hype anymore. It’s actually one of the most valuable technologies that everybody has access to nowadays.

AI content is being used by different companies today, from small and medium businesses to corporations.

The reason why?

Because it saves time, money, and resources. If you want to learn more about AI used in creating content, then this article is for you.

And yes, this entire blog was written using an AI writing tool, with very minimal editing on my part.

I’ll reveal which tool at the end. But, if you’re in a hurry…

What is AI content writing?

In this day and age, we see AI Technology being used in many different ways, such as in medicine, education, and even banking.

So what is AI Content Generator?

Simply put, AI Content Generator is a tool that generates content created using AI and machine learning.

And while there are several different methods to create content using an AI writer, the most commonly used one is Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Now that you have a better understanding of what it is let’s look at how it works.

How does AI in content writing work?

On the surface, AI applied to content writing is the process of computer learning, reading and understanding human linguistics, and then producing written content as a result.

But let’s break it down.

There are 3 major subsets of AI involved in the generation of human-quality content.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of Artificial Intelligence focused on enabling computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

The reason why it’s called AI is that it mimics the way humans learn and reason.

For instance, when you learn something, you’re taking in all kinds of information. Then you combine that information and learn a new way to do things.

The same concept applies to AI. When an AI program learns, it’s like human learning. The computer processes all of the available data and then finds correlations, patterns, and connections.

It is because of these concepts that AI writing software is so efficient.

Because the AI system has a large amount of language data to go through, it can extract patterns and make predictions based on the learned experience.

Essentially, the algorithm acquires knowledge from data and then continuously improves itself as it processes more data.

AI machine learning showing a picture of a robot studying a wall full of data

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is the science that deals with processing human-language data, like text, audio, and speech.

The goal of NLP is to turn the raw data into meaningful, understandable data.

In other words, NLP is a tool that allows machines to understand what a person is saying.

The way that NLP works is quite simple. It takes in some kind of data and then analyzes it. Based on the analysis, it then provides you with results.

For instance, NLP applies to content writing by taking in the information you provide to it and then analyzing it for meaning. Then it’ll give you a list of content suggestions based on that information.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

NLG is the technology that allows a computer to generate human-quality text using only raw data and logic. To put it simply, NLG is a type of AI writer that uses NLP, Machine Learning, and Artificial Neural Networks to create content.

You can think of NLG as content generation software.

In short, NLG is simply the process of using natural language to generate text content. So what does that mean?

It means the computer takes your data and then spits out some written text related to that data.

Let’s take a quick look at how AI has evolved over time.

A Brief History of AI in Writing

It’s believed that in the early 1940s or 1950s, the field of NLP began with the use of machine translation for code-breaking during World War II.

The technology was built to analyze military messages, which were encrypted by using special codes. These codes need to be decrypted by the computers.

During the war, computers were not advanced enough to read the code or even understand its meaning.

After that, in the 1960s, NLG was started. However, it wasn’t nearly as advanced as we see today, with the text generated being of low quality.

Fast forward a few decades to 2015, where a nonprofit research organization, OpenAI, was started to progress artificial intelligence.

In July 2019, they received $1 billion in funding from Microsoft. Soon after, in November 2019, OpenAI released their completed version of the GPT-2 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 2) language model.

In July 2020, GPT-3 was put into beta testing. GPT-3 is currently used in most commercial AI content generator tools that we see today.

So, what does all of this mean for content marketing? And how does it benefit you and me?

The Benefits of AI Writing Software

Saves Time

It’s a fact that the human brain is limited in its ability to process large amounts of data at once.

To write an article or report for your company:

  • you need to spend time finding relevant information
  • researching the topic
  • creating the final draft
  • and then getting it published

On the other hand, with the help of an AI article generator, you get through a massive pile of data, articles, research, etc., in a short amount of time.

An AI content generator uses NLP to go through the data and then uses NLG to come up with text content.

This means that you don’t have to manually analyze the data and write out a report.

Instead, you’ll have AI do most of the work for you.

AI content writer allows you to complete the process in less time than it would take you to write it by yourself.

Saves Money

The same way AI writer saves your time, it also saves your money. This is because you don’t need to employ a writer to write the content for you.

SEO content that’s written by a human writer is not only time-consuming but more expensive as well.

In addition to paying a writer to create the content and get it published, you’re paying for their time and writing expertise.

However, with AI, you’re paying for a piece of software and not a person.

With AI, you get a writing assistant at a fraction of the price of a regular writer. This allows you to use your budget on other areas in your business. Currently the best AI tool that writes high-quality SEO content is

Increases Productivity & Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of AI copywriting tools is that it increases your productivity and efficiency.

Because when you have AI generate your content for you, it takes much of the burden off of your shoulders, especially if you have a lot of SEO content to create.

As a result, you’ll be able to produce more content more quickly, which means you’ll be more productive and more efficient. 


Let’s face it.

When it comes to writing, most people are not natural-born writers. This is because it takes time and practice to develop good writing skills.

So if you’re a below-average writer like me, an AI content generator can help you get better quality content written for you in a fast and efficient way.

an AI robot shaking hands with a business owner

Drawbacks of AI Writers


It’s not fully automated

One of the biggest challenges of content writing with artificial intelligence is that it’s not yet fully automated. There are still some manual steps that are required when creating your SEO content.

You can’t just click and have your AI tool write you a perfect article. It relies solely on the quality of the information you feed it.

However, I’m sure a content generator will get smarter over time in the future, and the need for human intervention will be less.

So while this is a drawback now, we’re confident that in the future, it won’t be as big of an issue as it is now.

It doesn’t always work

When we say it can’t always work, what we’re really saying is that it can’t always produce good results.

While some articles that AI produces may be pretty impressive, it’s not uncommon to have AI generate complete garbage content and not grammatically correct. So you must be prepared to read the content and edit it when necessary.

Although the benefits of an AI content generator outweigh its drawbacks, there are still some issues with this approach. Having said that, the best AI content generation tools are well worth it.

Are AI Writing Tools Expensive?

2021 has seen a massive increase in AI writing tools introduced in the market. As a result, there’s a variety of pricing plans based on your content marketing requirements.

Most require a monthly subscription which ranges from around $20 – over $100 per month.

Given the value AI generators provide, this is not expensive at all.

Will AI Replace Content Writers?

No, that’s definitely not the case.

While it might seem like it, content writers are still needed to create the best possible articles, web pages, blogs, and other content.

The most significant benefit of an AI writer is that it’s an excellent tool for a digital marketer with minimal writing skills to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

While an AI content generator can save you time and money, it will never fully replace a content writer. AI tools are still in their early days, and they will continue to improve over the next few years. The aim of these tools is to make content generation much easier, and they do achieve that to some extent.

However, they aren’t perfect.


As you can see, content writing with AI is still in its early days, so we expect some issues and challenges to arise in the future.

However, as the industry moves forward, AI content generator applications will become much more sophisticated. Which will help marketers create higher-quality content in a much more efficient and productive way.

As I mentioned earlier, this article was written almost entirely with AI, using ClosersCopy. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality content creation tool, check out ClosersCopy.

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