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Why is it so important to create a good YouTube Description?


Using a YouTube video description generator is probably the fastest and easiest way of getting new viewers to your videos for free.

Because, just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine… just for videos.

When people are in the mood to watch some YouTube videos, they are going to be starting off their sessions by typing in a word or phrase in the YouTube search bar.

A good YouTube description is one of the important factors which makes up YouTube‘s search algorithm which determines which videos show up at the top of various searches. As well as which videos show up in the recommended and related videos sections.

This is known as having a SEO optimized YouTube description.Yes, there’s lots of other factors to consider like views, subscribers and comments.

However, having a well optimized YouTube description is the very first step you should take whenever you upload a video.


What are the options for creating perfectly SEO optimized YouTube Descriptions?


I know I said it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways for getting free views. But, this is only if you’re using a tool that generates YouTube descriptions for you.

Don’t get me wrong.

If you’re doing it manually, you’ll still be getting a ton of free views. However, you’re going to have to manually sit there and write 300+ word YouTube descriptions every time you upload a video.

Plus, you’ll also need to research the different YouTube phrases (keywords) that you want your video optimized for. This can take hours, and trust me, it’s not fun.

The other option is the recommended one.

Using a YouTube SEO description generator.


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What is the Best YouTube SEO Description Generator?


I’ll be honest.

I haven’t tried out all the different tools and software that generates YouTube descriptions. Mostly because I haven’t needed to since I have this tool that’s been working amazingly well for me.

Besides generating perfectly optimized YouTube descriptions every time, it also:

  • Finds an endless number of keywords and long tail keywords people are using in YouTube for me to target. And as you know, the more keywords you rank for, the more free views you get.
  • Analyzes the keywords. Having thousands of keywords is great. However, you need to know which ones you should be targeting so that you don’t waste your time trying to rank for an extremely difficult Youtube keyword, or a keyword that’s not going to pull in any traffic.
  • Works fast. From finding and analyzing keywords, to generating optimized titles, Youtube tags and descriptions, you’ll never need more than a few minutes to get your videos uploaded and starting to rank for your keywords.

The tool is called Video Marketing Blaster, and simply put, it quickly generates YouTube descriptions, estimates potential views on each keyword and analyses your competitors’ videos, giving you an accurate blueprint of what you need to do to outrank them.

I’ll take you through a quick walkthrough of a video I uploaded using Video Marketing Blaster to find the keyword and generate the video title, tags and description. As well as the results.

Quick Walkthrough


Towards the end of 2017 with the whole Crypto craze, I decided to upload a quick video to see if it would:

  1. a) Rank well and pull in traffic
  2. b) Make me some easy Crypto affiliate commissions

I don’t know anything about Crypto, so I wasn’t expecting to get any decent results.


Step 1:

I opened up Video Marketing Blaster to do some quick research and find an easy crypto keyword to rank for.

step 1 of generating a youtube description is keyword research

I did an analysis on the keyword “How to Buy IOTA”. From the results, the keyword “How to Buy IOTA in South Africa” immediately caught my eye.


Step 2:

Try find good YouTube keywords that don't have a lot of competition

I then used Video Marketing Blaster to tell me how many total search results there were for the Youtube keyword. Only 3870.


Step 3:

Analysis of the videos in YouTube I would be competing against

Next, I went to the niche analysis section to get a better idea of how easy or difficult it will be to rank a video for the keyword.

In this section you can get a quick feel for how well optimized your competitors are.


Step 4:

The tool gave me a good idea of how easy it would be to get my video to the top of YouTube

After clicking on the Ranking Report, Video Marketing Blaster, let me know that it will be pretty easy to rank at the top of YouTube for the keyword.

Knowing that, I made a quick video using Video Spin Blaster. You can see my review of it here.


Step 5:

With the research done, it was time to start up the YouTube video description generator

With the video done, all that was left to do was use Video Marketing Blaster’s YouTube SEO description generator before uploading.

With just a few clicks, VMB (Video Marketing Blaster) generated an optimized YouTube title and channel description for the keyword.

From here I could quickly add in my CTA and affiliate links, as well as add and remove sentences that it suggested.

The whole process only took a few minutes.

Step 6:

My video position in Google My Video position in YouTube





I then uploaded the video, added a YouTube thumbnail and did no further SEO, and it’s been ranking at the #1 position in YouTube for a few months. As well as being on the first page of Google.




The results

It’s also brought in some easy commissions in this time.


As you can see, this is a pretty awesome YouTube video description generator.

Obviously, I can’t say that it will work 100% of the time for everybody. However so far, it’s been getting me excellent results and should definitely work for you too.

Besides quickly giving you a YouTube description to copy and paste, it comes with a whole bunch of features to help your YouTube channel dominate and get free views.

You can pick up Video Marketing Blaster Pro right here with a fat discount by clicking the button below, or if you want more information, you can read my full Video Marketing Blaster Pro review over here.


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