Divi VS X Theme – Which is better?


Divi vs. X theme is a highly-debated topic within the WordPress community, and with good reason:

These are two of the most popular page builder themes of all time, and they’re competing directly for your business.

Which mega theme should you choose?

Let me help answer that question by taking both themes out for a test drive and revealing which is really the best one for your website.

I don’t have any web development or programming skills. And so, I rely on front-end developers like Divi or X Theme. Only one of them is my go-to theme.

Keep reading to find out which is my favorite.

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X Theme VS Divi

Divi X Theme
Ease of Use
Price & Value

Divi Theme

Divi is a popular WordPress theme with a backend and front-end visual builder, allowing users to create beautiful and responsive websites without any coding knowledge. It’s fast and flexible, making it the perfect choice for any project.

It’s an incredibly versatile theme and can be used for various purposes, such as business or personal websites. Additionally, the theme has many customization features that make it ideal for website designers.

The Divi theme is being actively updated and improved. The developers are constantly working to make it better, faster, and more user-friendly. This makes it a great choice if you want a website that looks good and is easy to manage.

Overall, it’s one of the most accessible themes to use. And you can find plenty of help, guides, and tutorials on their blog if you need them.

Read my Divi theme review.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a popular WordPress theme provider with 107 team members and over 800,000 customers.

They offer beautiful themes and plugins for WordPress websites and pride themselves on being the most elegant solution in the market.

Divi is their most popular multipurpose theme.

Key Divi Features

Visual Builder:

Allows you to create pages in real-time and see the results instantly. The Visual Builder replaces the post editor and gives you complete control over your design. With the Visual Builder, you can create a website without any coding and without having to navigate through confusing backend options. You simply drag and drop the elements you want on your website and move them around until they are in the correct location. You can also add, delete, or change elements as you please.

screenshot of Divi's visual builder

Premade website layouts:

Divi comes with over 100 complete website layouts and 800 premade designs in all shapes and sizes.

It’s the perfect solution when you don’t have time to design a website from scratch, or you might not know how to code. These layouts include royalty-free photos, icons, and illustrations, with new custom layouts added every week!

Complete Control of the Design:

With Divi, you have complete control over the design, settings, and fonts. You can easily adjust and enhance the appearance of any element to make it look exactly how you want.

You won’t have to worry about any ugly surprises when someone views your site on different screen sizes. You have control over every design setting on each device. No matter how your customer views your website- whether it’s on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone- they will see an exact replica of the design you intended.

You can add custom backgrounds, shapes, and effects to pages to create dynamic transitions between content blocks. This gives your website that extra personal uniqueness to make it stand out from the competition.

And if that’s not enough, you can add animations and hover effects to any element to give your website an extra bit of flair.

Divi Theme Pros

The theme is super easy to use and customize. The Divi theme builder is the most user-friendly, customizable WordPress theme available.

Many features to quickly and easily create beautiful websites.

It has fantastic support from the developers of this theme. The support team is helpful and responds quickly to questions and requests for help.

New feature updates are released regularly.

The performance upgrade was excellent, and it helped the overall experience and speed.

Divi Theme Cons

It can feel overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of features.

If you switch themes in the future, it might be a hassle due to Divi shortcodes.

My Experience with Divi

Many benefits come from using the Divi theme for your website.

Elegant Themes has thought of everything to make their customers’ lives easier and more streamlined when building and editing a website. Because the theme is so easy to use, web design projects are much simpler than before because there aren’t as many hurdles to overcome.

Thanks to this fantastic toolkit that includes tons of options, layout customization is also easy!

Another advantage of using Divi themes is how fast they are. Customizing layouts or building new ones won’t take long, thanks to how easy they are to use; there is no learning curve. It just takes a few minutes.

I prefer a Divi layout because designing websites becomes effortless without any barriers between me and my workspace. With lots of features available, like the theme customizer, I can quickly build websites and design beautiful layouts in no time at all.

The performance upgrade when using the Divi theme has been excellent, and it helped the overall experience. Along with this comes new features being released regularly–new things to try out for your site that you may not have tried before. The speed is impressive, especially considering how easy it is to use.

X theme

X theme is a WordPress theme that helps you create a custom website. It includes a range of features and tools that allow you to easily customize your website, including templates, elements, and a front-end drag-and-drop builder. It also works well with the WordPress customizer.

As with most modern WordPress themes, the X theme is responsive. So you can use it to create a website that looks great on any device.

The X theme has been designed with performance and usability in mind. This makes it perfect for people who want an easy-to-use yet professional website that’s highly customizable.


Themeco is a web design and development company specializing in developing high-quality products. They offer their services to businesses and individuals looking for help with their websites.

Key X Theme Features


Cornerstone is a live WordPress page builder that you see on the front end of your website. This means that you can make changes and see them in real-time without going back and forth to an admin panel. It’s a great way to build your website exactly how you want it, without any delays.

There are just two parts to the Cornerstone layout: the Work Area and the Preview Area. The Work Area is where you do your work, and the Preview Area is where you see how it will look when published.

screenshot of X Theme's Cornerstone

Design Cloud:

The Design Cloud is a library of website templates that you can use to create the structure for your site, shop, or blog. The templates are unique and come with pre-made layouts and content combinations to make your life easier. It’s a great way to quickly get started on your next website design project, and you can have a beautiful website up and running in no time!

The designs are attention-grabbing and can help you get the look and feel you’re going for.


Extensions are plugins that offer additional features and functionality to the core product. These are premium plugins that are included with your purchase of X theme.

There are two types of extensions: Themeco Extensions and Third-party extensions. The Themeco team developed the former internally, while the latter was created by developers outside of Themeco. They aren’t just thrown in for the sake of it.

Each WordPress plugin included serves a purpose.

X Theme Pros

The Cornerstone Page Builder makes it easier to create a website.

The theme is adjustable to fit any design style.

There are many built-in plugins. It has more plugins than the usual WordPress theme, making it easier to design a website.

As a result of its versatility, it’s a good fit for anybody looking for a specific niche market or for those requiring an original design for their WordPress site.

The colors are vibrant, and the designs are clean, simple, and attractive.

X Theme Cons

Takes a while to get used to

Not the most accessible theme to use for a beginner

My Experience with X Theme

X theme can really help you design a WordPress website that stands out. Many built-in plugins will help you create whatever design style you want, and the frequent updates ensure this product remains valuable to its users.

This theme also offers these perks without sacrificing usability or functionality, making it a versatile and useful product overall!

Furthermore, Cornerstone works well with any web project – whether it’s an eCommerce store or a blog/magazine type site. So no matter what kind of niche market or purpose you have in mind, you will find peace with your choice thanks to how versatile and useful X theme is.

Now let’s look at some of the important considerations when deciding between these premium themes.

Ease of use and interface

Ease of use is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a premium WordPress theme.

Thankfully, Divi is straightforward to use, even for beginners. In fact, you can be up and running with Divi in minutes.

You can create a website with no prior experience or design knowledge. Plus, many theme options are available to help you create a unique look and fast building process.

The ease of use is evident in the simplified interface that makes it easy for users to customize their websites. With just a few clicks, you can change your website’s color, font, and layout. This makes it possible to create a unique website that represents your brand.

The ease of use is a significant factor in the success of this theme. It’s very flexible, making it easier to work with and giving you more control over your website’s look and feel.

Divi is one of the easiest website builders to use. It is responsive, so it looks great on any device, and it is multipurpose, so you can create almost any type of website with it. Plus, there are tons of built-in templates and modules to help you get started quickly.

Divi is an excellent theme for both beginners and experts. It is easy to use for those just starting out, but it also has many features that experts can take advantage of. This makes Divi a versatile theme that can be used by anyone.

X theme may be pretty easy to use, but it can take some time to get the hang of all its features. While it is generally straightforward, some aspects may be confusing for beginners.

X theme is designed for experienced WordPress users. If you are comfortable using WordPress, you should have no problem using this theme. It is easy to install and set up, and the options are straightforward.

Overall, Divi is the easier theme to use. Although X theme isn’t difficult to use if you are an experienced WordPress user, Divi has more features that are easily accessible without having to go into the code.



You get two pricing plans with Divi – the Yearly Access package, priced at $89, and the Lifetime Access package, which will cost you $249. The great thing about both plans is that you can use them on unlimited websites. And you can develop for clients as well! Moreover, you can access all the themes and plugins listed on Elegant Theme’s website.


Divi's pricing plans

X Theme

While X Theme’s pricing is lower at $59 per license, it is only meant for a single website. So, if you’re a developer, building 10 websites will set you back by $590! And this is where X Theme falters the most.

X Theme's Pricing plan

Learning curve

Mastering Divi doesn’t take too long, but it does require some time because of the vast number of features and things you can do with Divi.

It’s easy to use right out of the box, but there are many ways to customize it to fit your specific needs. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to create beautiful websites with Divi in no time.

There is a wide range of learning materials for beginners and advanced users. If you want to get started with Divi, there are hundreds of step-by-step guides and videos on Elegant Theme’s blog showing you how to get the most out of this theme. Also, if you are an experienced user looking to take your skills to a new level, they offer advanced tutorials to teach you how to create complex designs and layouts.

X theme has a steeper learning curve than Divi. However, users willing to put in the time to master it will be rewarded with a powerful website builder tailored to their specific needs.

To help people learn the ins and outs of the X theme, Themeco started uploading video tutorials to YouTube in late 2019. The videos are around 5-10 minutes long. They cover various topics, from working with the Cornerstone theme builder to custom CSS. This is an excellent way for users to get acquainted with the theme and build their own websites.

The tutorials that come with the theme make it much easier to use. They are clear and concise, walking you through every step of the way. This makes it easy to get started and helps you avoid any potential headaches down the road.

It takes time to learn how to effectively use the X theme to produce excellent results. On the other hand, Divi is easier to use, and you can get good results with little effort.


In the case of Elegant Themes, their support is excellent, and they are always willing to help. They offer 24-hour support so people can get the help they need whenever needed. They are always ready to help, and their response time is fast. If there is ever an issue, they take care of it immediately and make sure the problem is resolved.

Elegant Themes also provides support through an accessible customer forum. If you have any questions or need help with your theme, the team is available to assist you. Additionally, the forum is a great place to connect with other users and learn from their experiences.

Themeco has an incredibly helpful community that is always happy to help. In addition, their support is excellent; Themeco’s support team is fast and knowledgeable.


Divi is constantly updated with security patches, quality of life improvements, and new features. This ensures that users have a stable and reliable theme to build their websites and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

The X theme is also frequently updated with new features from Themeco. Themeco regularly releases new features for both the X and Pro themes.


Divi is a WordPress theme that is not restricted by any layout. As a result, you can customize almost all aspects of your website, from the fonts to the colors to the images.

It includes features to add professional effects to images that usually require Adobe Photoshop. This makes it a popular choice for designers, as it gives you more flexibility in terms of what you can create, and you can do it in a fraction of the time.

Advanced Divi users can create some fantastic designs, often replicating the look and feel of well-known websites. However, even beginners should have no problem getting their website looking close to how they imagined.

You can also add custom CSS to every element for even more control over how your content looks. This is a great way to make your Divi site stand out and look unique.

X theme is a responsive WordPress theme with four different designs referred to as Stacks. Even though they all can be customized heavily, Stacks are the basis for everything you do in the theme and provide a starting point for designers.

At first, X Theme is not very easy to understand how it works. But after you have gone through the documentation and read a few blog posts about customization options available in this theme, things start to make more sense.

The X Theme has some great customization features. Still, it falls just short of Divi’s depth and ease of customization.

Speed. Are they bloated themes?

Theme developers sometimes include features or files within their themes that are not needed, which can slow down your website. This is often referred to as “bloat.” While it is not always intentional, it can hurt your site’s performance.

X and Divi are lean-based themes that focus on performance. In addition, they are always looking for new ways of doing things and reducing dependencies. This way, they can keep the theme light while still providing a wealth of features.

Since the release of Divi 4.0, there have been several significant performance updates that have improved the speed and performance of the theme significantly. So if you’re looking for a fast and responsive page builder theme, Divi and X are both worth considering.

You can see a GTmetrix screenshot below of a text and image-heavy page on this Divi website. As you can see, the results are pretty good, considering no CDN is used, and I haven’t done any speed optimizations to the website.

Results of a GTmetrix performance test on a webpage built with Divi

And here’s a screenshot from Lighthouse, showing the mobile scores for the same page.

results of a Lighthouse mobile test on a Divi built web page

Part of the reason the results are so good is that I’m using excellent WordPress hosting. I switched over my leading websites to Cloudways hosting, and the performance difference has been tremendous. For $10 a month, you can get super-fast, secure, and reliable managed cloud hosting. You can learn more here.

I haven’t included the results of a performance test on an X theme website because to make it fair, I would first need to move the site to Cloudways as well. When I do, I will update this comparison with the results.

Divi vs X Theme: Which Website Builder Reigns Supreme?

I’m sure you are wondering which premium theme to choose for your website. In my opinion, I think that both Divi and X Theme are great WordPress themes. However, if I had to recommend one over the other, I would say that the Divi WordPress theme is my favorite in terms of features, usability, and value.

In fact, I consider it to be the best WordPress theme overall.

And if you’re a web designer, it’s a no-brainer, really. Divi’s lifetime pricing makes it worth every penny for unlimited website usage.

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