The Unbiased Avada WordPress Theme Review

It was a Reddit sub that motivated us to create this Avada Theme Review. Two Reditters spoke at length about how Avada might hamper a website’s SEO goals. That was too much for us to digest. We were one of the first thousand customers who bought Avada in 2012 and since then, we have seen, analyzed, tweaked and played around with each iteration that the amazing guys at Theme Fusion came up with. We have six personal websites and 9 client websites that run on Avada. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how much we love the theme, then nothing will.

See why Avada is one of the best selling themes in the world here

If you run a WordPress based website or have ever ran one, we are sure you must have heard about Avada too. For the uninitiated:
  • It’s also called one of the bestselling WordPress themes of all time.
  • There are more than 435,000 satisfied users who have bought it.
  • It is robust, powerful and easy-to-use.
  • There are thousands and thousands of positive reviews about it.
  But if you are a newbie looking to buy Avada and are skeptical about it reading stuff like the sub on Reddit, then this Avada theme review will help you understand what the hype is all about and also to set realistic expectations from it. The 2018 Avada WordPress Theme Review Featured Image  

Avada WordPress Theme – The Basics

  Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme created by two developers, Mohammed Haris and Luke Beck, through their startup venture, Theme Fusion, way back in 2012. Upon release, it quickly became on the top rated themes on Envato and since then, there have been numerous updates to the theme making it one of the best picks for just about any purpose. Be it a personal blog, an e-commerce site, a coupon site, a dating site, social media site, or just about anything that you fancy, you can make it with Avada. That too without the slightest of skill or experience with coding. You do not need to know PHP, WordPress, HTML or any fancy design tool. Avada simplifies most aspects of website design, UI design and backend code into a simple drag and drop interface that takes the guesswork out of everything. Anybody who can handle a computer can design a website with Avada. It’s that simple.
An example of Avada's Fusion Builder

Avada’s Fusion Builder

What You Get When You Buy Avada

  There’s a reason why a lot of experts call Avada, a Swiss army knife. That’s because it comes bundled with tons and tons of features, some of which you may never use. Having said that, we’d rather have the features in the back-end and not need them than the other way round.   Here’s what you get when you buy the latest version of the Avada theme:  

1 – 45 Demo Sites

  You get 45 fully loaded and flawlessly designed demo websites. Correction, that’s 44 websites and 1 mobile app. Forum, University, Personal business sites, landing page, stores, hosting, architecture, travel, lifestyle and many other niches that can be imported and customized at the click of a button.
Complete Avada Demo Sites for WordPress

A few of the many Avada Demo Sites Available

2- Easy customization

  A lot of newbies (us included), are overwhelmed after importing a fully loaded demo website. That’s because you do not have the slightest idea how or where to begin with the customization. However, Avada has the most advanced options panel that we have ever seen. There are more than 25 panels that are neatly organized allowing you to begin customizing the website starting with the header and progressing till the footer. Everything can be tweaked.  

3- Theme Options and Page Options

You can either make universal changes that affect the entire website or narrow down to the minutest of tweaks at an individual page level, which then override the theme options. When we are crunched for time and looking for minimalist design changes, we usually pick the theme options. But when we are looking to customize in detail, we can always go at the page level and tweak.  

4 – Fusion Builder 2.0

  The newly updated Fusion Builder is a beast. It saves time and makes it so easy to add advanced design and UI elements anywhere on the site. Pre-made columns, nested columns, image frames, containers, separators and much more can be dragged and dropped on to the screen. You can select different pages from different demos and mix and match to create your own custom site. And you can even save your favorite elements or page designs for frequent use. We heard someone rant about how Avada does not have a visual site builder. Go take a hike!  

5 – Over 50 elements

  Dig using the old WordPress editor? Avada lets you import almost 50 elements using Shortcode on the WP editor screen.  

6 – Colors Galore

  All this talk about code and design is getting boring. Avada is a retina ready theme that comes with over 60 PSD files that can be customized. You can toggle between light and dark versions of the theme and tinker with the color palette for every single element on the site. Unlimited color customization in the Avada theme  

Why We Love Avada So Much

  All said and done, there are multiple reasons why we continue to use this theme, even after six years.  
  • It saves us tons of time
  • It’s mobile ready
  • Gives us all the options that we can ever need
  • Can be customized to load within the Google recommended 1 second (Use the cache plugin)
  • Is SEO friendly
  • Has an active community of users who can help you with support requests (On Envato and on Facebook).
  • Has a great, responsive customer support team (Envato and Theme Fusion Email ticket support)

What Could be Better with Avada

  It’s a heavy theme. No doubt about it. You need a good hosting package to run it. If you are cutting corners and using cheap shared hosting, you might run into configuration and memory issues.   The Learning Curve There’s a learning curve to customizing Avada, especially if you are new to WordPress. But if you’ve worked with visual site builders before, then it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours at best.  

To Sum Up this Avada Theme Review

  Theme Fusion has ensured that Avada has evolved with the dynamic changes in the web design landscape in the past few years. It is smarter, easier and more customizable than it ever was. So, skip all doubts and go ahead and check it out. We hope that this Avada Theme review helped you understand the theme better.  

A side note from OnlineMarketingWisdom.com

This review was written by my buddy JC. He’s a big fan of Avada and uses it extensively for his own projects and for his clients. While I use Avada for a few of my own projects, I figured it would be better to get him to do the review as I’m biased towards Divi. With the last few major Divi updates, I feel Divi is in a league of its own, and not even Avada can compete. So, my review of Avada wouldn’t do it any justice as I’d just end up telling you to get Divi anyway. However, you can read my comparison of Avada and Divi here to get another opinion.  

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