Inboxr Review + Everything you need to know!

I understand how frustrating it can be trying to figure out how to take advantage of Facebook to actually get consistent results and grow your business. Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing and ecom. Which is why I’ve created this Inboxr review. Inboxr makes marketing on Facebook a whole lot easier. See Inboxr’s in-depth features here, or keep reading to find out why…   Users on Facebook aren’t really in the mood to buy. They’re there to socialize. So, when you’re trying to monetize your Facebook pages and running costly Facebook ads, you’re advertising to people who aren’t exactly in the right frame of mind to buy right now. To get around this problem, you have to engage with them. Remember, they’re on Facebook to socialize. So, when you engage in conversation with them, you’re already appealing to what they want, and they’ll start warming up to you as a result. Making it much easier to get them to click on your affiliate links and buy your products and services. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! Do you really have the time and energy to start a conversation with every person that likes, shares or comments on your posts? Neither do I. And this is where Inboxr comes in.
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Inboxr completely automates the entire process by instantly engaging with every person that interacts with your Facebook fan pages and posts. In addition to generating an unlimited number of leads by adding users to your autoresponder, Inboxr uses “If This Then That” tech, to have entire conversations with people, steering them down your marketing funnel and converting them into sales.  

Who will benefit most from Inboxr?

  I recommend you try Inboxr if you’re into any of the following:  

Local client marketing

  Instantly connect with local client leads. Inboxr’s instant responses will create a great first impression. Use Inboxr to automatically ask questions, and using conditional logic, recommend specific digital services based on their answers. Setup Inboxr for your clients as a recurring monthly service  


  Show Facebook users a product related to any post that they’ve engaged with. Upsell your current customers with other products  

Affiliate Marketing

  Build huge subscriber lists within Facebook of all the people who have engaged with any of your pages and posts. Drip-feed content, promotions and personal messages.  

Inboxr slashes Facebook ad costs

  If you didn’t know, Facebook wants to keep their users on Facebook. As a result, they reward advertisers who don’t send users to other websites with cheaper Facebook ad costs. This is why post engagement ads are generally the cheapest. With Inboxr, you can focus on running cheap engagement ads for likes, shares and comments, instead of running more expensive ads trying to get them to click on your links. Anybody who engages with your ad, will receive an Inboxr message. You can also ad them to your autoresponder and market to them whenever you like, without having to run more ads.  

Inboxr OTO’s

  There are 3 Upsells for Inboxr. Thankfully, these upsells aren’t vital pieces of the tool that have been taken out. Inboxr is complete even without the upsells. These upsells are rather added value which Luke has included in his product.  

OTO 1 – Chat Bot Marketplace – $37

The first upsell is a marketplace of done for you chatbots which you can use instantly. There’s a big variety of chatbots in different niches, ranging from affiliate marketing, ecom, local client marketing, and even specific niches like dentistry and so on.  

OTO 2 – VIP Training – $37

This upsell consists of complete training on how best to setup and use Inboxr for maximum profit.  

OTO 3 – Whitelabel Chatbot and Resell License – $197

If you’re into local client marketing, this upsell will be awesome. Brand the Inboxr chatbot however you want, set it up for clients and then either charge a large setup fee or a recurring management fee.  

Inboxr Review – Final Verdict

  Chatbots are fast becoming an essential tool much like autoresponders. If you’re looking to maximize your marketing and profit potential from Facebook, then you’ll definitely need a chatbot. Inboxr is solid, easy to use and packed full of features. Definitely an excellent investment that will see great returns when setup correctly. You can view the extensive list of Inboxr features here.