The Best Autoresponders for Beginners in 2022

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

You keep hearing about email marketing and building a list. And how it’s responsible for most of the income generated in almost every business when implemented correctly.

Yet it seems so complicated to set up.

I mean, you must first create a lead magnet or incentive for people to give you their email address. As well as creating sign-up forms and connecting them to landing pages where you’ll be sending targeted traffic.

Then you must create a series of engaging emails that you’ll be sending to each subscriber. All the while making sure everything is connected and running smoothly.

Learning, setting up, and understanding email marketing is a lot to get your head around, especially for a beginner.

And without step-by-step help, where do you even begin?

It’s a real pain because you don’t want to get caught up on all the technical back-end tasks needed to get your email autoresponder working correctly. Especially when there are far more important things to focus on.


  • Driving traffic
  • Building a relationship with your list
  • Creating content
  • Optimizing your funnel
  • Generating sales


Getting stuck on the technical setup means you’ll be wasting a lot of valuable time struggling to get your email autoresponder to work.

Make a mistake, and you’ll lose potential leads and sales from people who tried signing up to your list because of your broken opt-in funnel.

Which can lead to you spending even more money hiring a specialist to handle it for you.

Either way, the longer it takes to get working, the more opportunities you’re losing.

The other problem is knowing which is the best email marketing service to choose.

There are too many autoresponder tools launching every year. And unfortunately, several of them are created by ‘serial product launchers,’ and not reputable businesses in it for the long haul.

As a beginner, it’s easy to get taken in because these product owners spend most of their resources on fancy sales pages and promotions rather than spending it on quality service.

So, you end up with an email autoresponder with poor support, terrible deliverability, and chances are, a product that’s not going to be around in a year or two.

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However, you know all these problems are worth the hassle.

Because it’s clear most successful entrepreneurs and businesses boost their sales and customer retention through email marketing. And it’s responsible for a large percentage of their income.

The good news is you can avoid most of these issues, even as a beginner.

Here’s how…

Firstly, make sure you choose an email marketing service from an established company with an excellent reputation. This is crucial in this industry. Your ability to land in your subscribers’ inbox will make or break your business.

And of course, it must be easy to use. Everything from navigating the UI, integrating with your website, technical setup, and email creation.

So, a good email autoresponder for beginners will:

  • Have a straightforward UI, so you don’t waste time struggling to find what you need
  • Be simple to use, so you can quickly do it all yourself without wasting money on outsourcing the setup
  • Have comprehensive guides and simple step-by-step instructions so you can easily follow along and learn how to do it all
  • Come from an experienced, reputable company, so you can enjoy excellent deliverability and outstanding support
  • Be affordable since you want to keep costs as low as possible when starting out. And only start scaling once your confidence and experience in email marketing grows


And that’s the reason for this article. To show you the best email marketing software for beginners I’ve found that meets most of the above requirements.

They’re all:

  • Easy to use
  • Reputable
  • Have excellent deliverability
  • Extremely beginner-friendly

After reading this article, you won’t have to waste any more time or money searching for an ideal tool for somebody new to email marketing.

You can confidently pick from my choices below for a relatively smooth beginner-friendly email marketing experience.

Let’s begin…

#1 – AWeber Email Autoresponder

Official logo of AWeber

If you want to build an email list but don’t have any experience with email marketing, AWeber’s free plan is the perfect way to start.

It gives you the chance to test out email marketing without having to spend any money. They offer a free plan with all the essential tools and email automation you need to get started.

You can send up to 3,000 emails per month to your first 500 subscribers on the free plan. This is perfect for testing the waters and seeing how your customers respond to your marketing messages. It’s also great because it gives you an idea of what the paid plans offer before you decide to purchase one.

As a beginner at email marketing, you’ll love the speed of setting up your first email campaign. It has a simple-to-navigate user interface. And it’s also easy to create and customize automations.

Although not a specific feature, AWeber has some of the best customer support you can get. Their customer service representatives are always eager to assist you. And the tutorials and guides are easy to follow and very helpful.

AWeber has a reputation for being a trustworthy company and one of the most reliable email marketing services on the market. The free plan offers a lot of value for new users and is a great way to build an email list and start monetizing your business.


  • A free autoresponder on their free plan.
  • Excellent support and tutorials.
  • Easy to use interface that is intuitive and accessible.


#2 – GetResponse Email Autoresponder

Official logo of GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the most powerful email marketing tools out there. It’s an all-in-one solution that will help you get your business started online.

One of the best things about GetResponse is that it’s a complete solution that gives you a feature for everything you need to start building your online presence. Including a website builder, a list builder, a webinar tool, a shopping cart, and a whole lot more.

You can easily build entire sales funnels within GetResponse and create a website in minutes. And GetResponse will host it for you as well. It’s also easy to make landing pages, social media pages, and opt-in forms for lead generation. And there are several integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

Getting started with a tool like GetResponse is easy. The interface is simple, and the help center is packed with information. There is a resource center with over 250 guides on how to get your business started. These guides are organized into different categories like email marketing, web design, etc. You can also find a list of blogs to help you get started.

Overall, GetResponse is an excellent tool for beginners because it’s easy to use and has a lot of resources available to help you get started.

They have a free plan so you can get started with the free version of GetResponse and then upgrade as your business grows. However, their paid plans are affordable and of high value considering all their features.

Besides being my best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing, if you’re looking for a powerful email marketing tool that’s beginner-friendly, this is it!


#3 – Sendinblue Email Autoresponder

Official logo of Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an excellent option for new email marketers looking to build a profitable email marketing campaign. It’s probably the overall best free autoresponder at the moment.

The free plan is a great way to start out. It lets you send 300 emails per day. It’s an excellent place to build a strong email list before moving to the paid plans.

The best part about the free plan is that you can add as many email subscribers as you want without paying extra. It may seem limiting that you can’t send unlimited emails. But you can use this to your advantage by segmenting your list into smaller groups for more targeted campaigns.

This will give you maximum value for the free-plan sending limits. And it’s a great way to take advantage of the free autoresponder to test your email marketing strategy and see how it works for your audience.

Sending SMS is a powerful way to get your message out there because you know your customers will actually receive your messages. With Sendinblue, you get access to both email and SMS marketing. You can use it for sending promotional messages, as a reminder after sending a transactional email, or just to send out shipping details.

Sendinblue is great for people who are just starting out with marketing automation. You can also set up email automation based on specific actions.

For example, if a customer buys something from you, you can send them a follow-up email thanking them.

It has a visual editor that is easy to use, and once you’ve created your first campaign, you can test it to make sure it works before you launch. There are many options for automation types, so you can choose the one that fits your business best.

Sendinblue is the best free autoresponder for beginners. It is perfect for those who want to automate their email marketing without learning HTML.


#4 – Moosend Email Autoresponder

Official logo of Moosend

If you’re just starting out with email marketing, Moosend has the perfect plan for you.

Moosend’s free plan allows you to send unlimited emails and lets you start your campaign right away without having to worry about costs. Moosend also offers an extensive email template library to help you create a beautiful and professional-looking email.

Moosend is completely free for your first 1000 subscribers.

The platform comes with pre-built campaigns, especially for eCommerce, like cart abandonment and product upsells, which are easy to set up. It also comes with ai powered recommendations for your email list, which means you can keep your subscribers updated with relevant offers without spending hours managing them.

It has a visual workflow builder for marketing automation. It allows you to drag and drop components, add conditions, and set variables to create a flow that will do exactly what you want it to do. The interface is very easy to use as a beginner. It has a clean and modern look and feel. And there are lots of pre-built email automation templates you can choose to get started right away.

If you want to create a website that sells products or have the freedom to send unlimited emails, Moosend will be perfect for you.


  • Free autoresponder


#5 – Omnisend Email Autoresponder

official logo of Omnisend

If you’re looking for an eCommerce-focused email autoresponder to help you grow your business, then you need to check out Omnisend.

They provide full marketing campaigns for every single channel you need. Such as email, SMS, Google, push notifications, and Facebook.

The great thing is that Omnisend allows you to integrate all of your marketing channels into a single campaign. This means that you can market to your customers using every possible medium and all in one place.

You can segment your subscribers based on their purchase history, browsing history, and campaign history. Each of these segments will help you send more relevant emails to your customers, which in turn will increase the chances of them clicking through to your website or purchasing something from you. You can personalize your emails to the customers who are most likely to buy from you by segmenting your customers.

You can create campaigns that target specific customers and send them a discount code or offer to increase their customer loyalty. This is easy to implement and can significantly impact your business.

Omnisend will make sure that you reach your customers wherever they are.


#6 – ConvertKit Email Autoresponder

Official logo of ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers great autoresponder tools for beginners who want to start their own email marketing campaigns but don’t want to spend much time or money getting set up.

It allows you to create landing pages and sign-up forms hosted by ConvertKit, allowing you to easily create an email list for your customers. You don’t have to worry about building your own website first.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a professional-looking landing page for your business, then check out ConvertKit. In addition to beginner-friendly email marketing features, they have an extensive library of over 50 professionally made templates that you can use. You can also easily edit these templates or create your own without coding. It’s all drag and drop.

ConvertKit’s marketing automation feature is one of the easiest ways to send an automated email. It is designed to make email marketing easy for anyone, even if you’re a beginner.

You can also create complex automations, like sending different emails depending on where your subscriber is in their customer journey.


There are a lot of excellent email marketing tools to help you market your small business. Some are specifically focused on eCommerce, while others are designed to create an effective marketing campaign for any industry.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer looking for an email autoresponder to help you build your email list, or you want to start selling online, you’ll find something that suits you here.


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